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Your donations pay for the server cost, website maintenance and other project resources. Each month, the principal amount of your donations, is used to sustain a LAG and BUGS free, high-end dedicated server. That amount is also used for advertisement, server upgrades (RAM, CPU, bandwidth) as well as new plugins development, new maps, etc. If you enjoy what we are offering and like what we are doing, support us. To get a tag description click on “more info” button.

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The creation of the RFS team was based upon the concept that for every problem there is a person that can give you a solution. That is why the RFS is composed of experienced software engineers, programmers, game designers, graphic artists and anything that can be related to technology and advertising, offering a wide range of target specific solutions. Our team members are engaged in Web application development, Linux server administration, application development in java, C#, C++, or any other existing language, as well as, music production, 3d animation, video – audio editing, advertisement campaigns, forum administration, YouTube promotions and much more.

RFS since 2011 & Beyond.

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